Run Crew

This Crew is your secret ingredient to getting faster, increasing endurance, and improving technique whether you're training for life or a race. You will practice interval training, specific drills, and hurdle mobility.

When conditions allow there is the option of a personal form analysis. Meet at the studio and we'll go from there.




6 Wk Mile workshop series

6 weeks designed specifically to support you in improving your mile time. Join Run Crew leaders, Chany and Matt for this series, running November 6th through December 11th 2018. This series takes place during the regular Run Crew session


NOV 6TH – Time Trial and goal setting for re-test at 6 week mark.

NOV 13TH – Intervals

NOV 20TH – Speed

NOV 27TH – Endurance Intervals

DEC 4TH – Tempo

DEC 11TH – Time Trial


Ever seen Forrest Gump? Chany is like Forrest, only she covers less distance, never had leg braces, is female, and doesn’t have a passion for Shrimp. That being said - she can run - and really well. She has found lessons in health come from a combination of both mind and body work. Her passion is in discovering consistencies in lifestyle practices that create healthy, happy and confident selves. Chany hits the outdoors for camping, running, hiking and cliff jumping and will inform you on everything she knows about best nutrition, running, strength and stability practices.

Where you’ll find her: Run Crew. Run Team. Drills and strength specific activities for runners.  Strength coaching sessions and personal training. Workshops.

Conversation starter: Her olfactory system is incredible. Ask her what that means.

Qualifications: BKin, Canfit, FMS Lv. 1&2, Certified Nutrition Practitioner


Matt / Run Leader

This is Matthew, he loves to run, climb, paddle or do whatever activity makes sense for going out and crushing it in the mountains. Matt started out his running career in a very rigid way. It was all about training, results, and thinking that the end all be all was competition. Things are a little different these days and he now sees running as an avenue for exploring what he feels matters most – our relationships with nature, ourselves, and each other. Matt is a sub 4 minute miler (that’s kind of a big deal). He strives to create an environment that fosters connection through shared experience.

Where you'll find him: Run Crew, Run Clinics, ...all things run. 

Conversation starter: Volumes. Ask him what they are and why he loves climbing them so much.

Qualifications: NCAA Division I Athlete, National Endurance    Centre Athlete, Speed River TFC Athlete, Sub 4 Miler, N.A.S.M.

Strengthen your stride with M108.
You will receive a movement
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strength exists– and a unique program tailored just for you.
Our programs for runners consider the need to avoid muscle soreness
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'I have been a member of the Movement 108 run crew since it started last year and I have barely missed a week - that’s because Chantelle is an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience. She keeps us all on track and changes the workout weekly to keep us on our toes! Chantelle has helped me improve my speed and endurance by combining speed work, hill repeats and tempo running with strength training, runner specific stretching and hip opening. She also has an amazing ability to push you just a little bit harder than you thought was possible! Chantelle has taught me that yes, we do need to set goals, but we also need to be present and enjoy the “real” journey along the way. She really does believe that if you are healthy and happy you are successful. Chantelle is a great trainer not only because she is so experienced, positive and committed but because she has one of the kindest souls I have ever met.'  –Kerry Neil

'Over the past three months, Chan has been my running coach as part of the Movement Method. My goal was to run a marathon after taking a break for over three years. Chan created a tailored training plan based on my goals, helped keep me accountable, and most importantly offered support throughout! One of the highlights of the training plan has been joining the weekly Movement 108 run crew. I have been amazed by the feeling of community among the group - and new runners are always welcome! As a result of having Chan as my running coach, not only did I complete another marathon, I reached a new personal best with a sub 3:10:00 time! Whether you're an advanced runner or completely new to the sport, I highly recommend Chan as your coach.'  – Marc Henry