at Movement108, we believe in full body health. that includes taking care of our bodies and our minds. We thought we’d share a few of the Services We Trust to Take You (and us) The Extra Mile. Got questions? chat with us in studio or click the photos for more info!


physio, RMT and CHIROPRACTOR… a team of expert therapists that leverage a system of manual therapy and movement programming designed to get you out of pain and moving at your full potential.

The Myo team sweats with us on the regular and when our bodies need a little extra love, they’re our go-to. You’ve probably seen Firina around 108. Got questions about myo? She’s your gal.

fit to train

everything your body has ever wanted.

FIT TO TRAIn provides services in osteopathy, RMT, physio, NATUROPATHIC medicine and concussion management just to name a few (the list goes on). FIT TO TRAIN™ exists to help people maximize their physical potential. They achieve this by empowering patients with tools that enable them to live and train effectively and safely.

the corker co.

Coaching and development for leaders who want more life in their life. In short, they coach leaders with a dream. A dream for more ease at the office, more power with their partner, and more self expression on the stage. The individuals they coach dream of becoming ridiculously successful so that they can give back to more people.

you’ll likely end up in class at 108 with a corker co team member. Check out their podcast, uncorked, and stayed tuned for our annual weekend collaboration – awol – coming may 2019

will chambers

business and Goals coach. create clarity around your vision and develop highly effective action plans to achieve the extraordinary. Coaching is a great accountability tool to ensure that your goals are kept in focus every step of the way. working with will, he will serve as your sounding board, a safe and objective person with whom to speak, your brainstorming partner, your motivator, and your partner in celebration as you begin to achieve your goals!

wirth hats

Wirth Hats is a social venture, with all profits going towards mental health initiatives. it is a tribute to loved and lost friends. It’s a commitment to conversation and openness. Wirth hats aims to break down barriers and promote open dialogue to improve mental health.

The goal of Wirth Hats is simple: they want everyone in the world to know they are not alone, and they believe owning a Wirth Hat will help with that. By wearing a Wirth Hat, you’re invited to be open, to listen and to always remember – You’re Wirth It.

renew retreats

Holistic hiking retreats and outdoor education for womxn that empower to be brave in the outdoors. Join them on their next adventure and get renewed!

We’re pumped to partner with renew retreats to offer Hike club 108, lead by renew founder, Danielle Leroux. visit our ‘hiking’ page for more info!

mile 2 marathon

experienced, personalized, hands-on coaching that has allowed members to excel on the world stage from mile to marathon, from running to cycling. m2m tailors individual programs by considering your personal strengths, abilities, and goals.

visit our ‘running’ page for more on how we’ve partnered with m2m.

we’re also big supporters and believers in therapy. for everyone all the time, not just in crisis. for those of us who have worked with william, he has helped us to better relate to ourselves and others and gain clearer perspectives. if it’s something you’re interested in, we say, hell yeah! We have a lot of respect for william chamberlain and the services he provides.
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