Based on the pillars of FOOD, MOVEMENT, REST, and CONNECTION WE empower you with the knowledge, While you bring the motivation to make simple yet transformational changes resulting in a happier and healthier YOU.


How it works: 

  1. Walk through the below steps.
  2. Read and watch the resources.
  3. Determine whether you are giving your gut the best chance to be successful.
  4. Ask yourself if you need a health coaching session.

If you came here looking for specific dietary adjustments, we have a few naturopathic practitioners we can recommend.

    Meet our Holistic Nutritionist, Chantelle.  She walks the talk. Or perhaps we should say “chews what she eats?" Either way, she knows a few things food related and with her combined professional and personal experience Chantelle, aka Chany, has put together some thoughts on what fundamental things you need to understand for your body to reset itself in all the right ways. What's she sayin specifically?

    "Healthy digestion requires a number of events in your body to be happening in collaboration together. Eating for long lasting energy, sleeping and hydrating enough while enjoying de-stressing activities have hugely positive impacts on your metabolism and body's ability to properly digest the nutrients it needs. Below are some straight forward suggestions to get your nutritional self ready for success."

    1. Hydrate. Drink more water than you think you need.
    2. Sleep. 7-9 hours within each 24 hour period please.
    3. Eat whole foods. This means unprocessed foods that you know the ingredients of.
    4. 80/20: Live 80% in the 'best you can' and treat yourself 20% of the time.


    What to eat: Click Here.

    Why Diets Don't Work: Netflix and... eat? [Show: Explained Episode: Why Diets Fail]

    Whole30*: A 30 day program to reset addictive cravings.

    Health Coaching: 

    Sometimes knowing WHAT to eat isn’t the problem. If you have a good idea of the things you want to be eating but are struggling to make it happen on the regular... it may be that you require a Health Coach, rather than a nutritional coach. Health Coaching is where theory meets practicality: helping you transform your daily habits to incorporate the things you know will make you feel great.

    Enter Mischa. click the button below and share with Mischa that you’ve tried the above and are ready for some help in consistently applying it on the daily.

    *Whole30 books available at the studio. Not recommended for vegetarians.