Based on the pillars of FOOD, MOVEMENT, REST, and CONNECTION WE WILL empower you with the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to make simple yet transformational changes resulting in a happier and healthier YOU.


Meet our Holistic Nutritionist, Chantelle.  She walks the talk. Or maybe we should say “eats the talk”?  Either way, she knows all things food and with her combined professional and personal experience Chantelle, aka Chany, will help you understand your body, re-inspire you in the kitchen, hold you accountable to your goals, build your confidence and get results.  Side effects of working with Chany might include and are not limited to: smiling often; sleeping like a baby; losing those last 10 pounds; people constantly asking you what you’ve changed; regular bowel movements; being ID’d often because you look so youthful; feeling more comfortable in your own skin; waking up with energy; mental clarity; increased sex drive; less joint pain; leaping over obstacles in your path (fire hydrants, for example); glowing skin and hair…just to name a few.

How it works:

  1. Click the consult button below.
  2. You sit down for 1 hour with Chany and do the in-person nutritional intake survey.
  3. With Chan, you choose your lowest hanging fruit, most actionable first steps you can take in feeling a positive change in your body.
  4. Chan follows through by sending you a plan that supports these steps.
  5. You have a 30 minute follow up a few weeks after to see what is working, what you can change, and where to go from here.