About MOVR

Spend 5+ minutes a day with movr to feel and move better – movr makes fitness accessible by combining the customizable experience of a real-life, in studio, personal training session with all the conveniences of an easy-to-use smartphone app.

Every time you log in, your input will help to custom build a workout that’s right for you. movr considers the space you’re in, the time you have, and the equipment that’s available to design an engaging session that meets your needs and helps you train away from the studio.



movr started from the training format we built at the studio - training mobility, stability and strength - in that order. Determining the right exercise for you at the right time is something only a personal trainer can do, so we decided to create a personal trainer you can take with you, anywhere, so you don't have to determine what's right for you in that moment in time... we gotchu.