problem solving for pain and Behaviour Change:

reset. Over time our bodies start to hold a lot of tension and develop restricted movements. In order to move beyond the cycle of stubborn aches and pains, we need to free the body up to movement again. Enter Fascial Stretch Therapy - a gentle, pain free way to guide the body back to how it really wants to move. Because we don’t force anything to change, we gently coax and allow the body to choose to let go of tension, the amazing feeling you have after a treatment sticks with you instead of tightening back up next time you sit down.

move. Rather than fixing a problem outright, the Reset is better viewed as creating a window of opportunity for the body to learn how to move like a pro. By shaking the dust off of the connections between your brain and your muscles, we can upload a new software system for your body - one without the pain bug.

change. Chances are, the actual long term fix has something to do with your habits - movement habits and lifestyle habits. This is the missing link after so many amazing therapies and the reason why if we don't change our habits, things don't change. By working together to improve your sleep, nutritional habits and how your body responds to stress, we can create the day to day foundation for a life you've always wanted to live. 

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Mischa / Mvmt therapist & Health coach

Think of Mischa as our resident pain guru and behaviour change specialist. He's a kinesiologist, fascial stretch therapist and health coach with years of helping people move better under his belt. His passion lies in facilitating change – transformation, if you will – helping you overcome stubborn pains and injuries that have been sticking around. Mischa is constantly looking for ways to feel better, perform better and live a more joyful life, so expect some of that from your time with him.

Where you’ll find him:  108Upstairs, Coaching MVMT Correctives Workshops at 108, mountain biking on the North Shore.
Conversation Starter:  Hey Mischa, how's your garden doing?


"I loved working with Mischa because of his greater understanding of what it takes to truly get the best of each individual. None of us are built the same and he always took the time to study the details of each person's body. Each person and athlete he sees as a new project that he wants to conquer. When you have someone with the knowledge that he has, committed to you and wanting the best for you, it is priceless." – Karina Leblanc, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Canada Women's Soccer


"I have had the pleasure of working with Mischa with a number of patients. His approach to fundamentals and movement competency before capacity ensures that his clients have a solid foundation to reach their maximum potential. His holistic approach to health and wellness with each individual ensures that they are provided with all of the tools necessary for success. Mischa truly is a leader in the industry" – Melina Kurtakis, Physiotherapist


"Mischa’s knowledge and progressive training style position him as an industry leader. Many strength coaches get caught up in worrying about the amount of movement such as number of sets, reps, and weight moved. Mischa’s philosophy goes far beyond this. By emphasizing quality of movement in addition to amount of movement individuals get what they truly want, which is to feel better, move better, and perform better. The training model I learned from Mischa has become one of the core philosophies I hold as a strength coach." – Josh Doornenbal, Owner of EDGE Strength & Conditioning