problem solvE movement dysfunction and improve the experience in your body

Measure. movement habits and lifestyle habits are unique. In order for you to get customized movement training, we first have to measure what we’re looking at. We utilize the Functional movement systems approach and appropriate, low intensity breakouts to find exactly what might be the problem. Identifying mobility, stability or strength dysfunctions is where we start.

reset. Over time our bodies develop individualized movement patterns. These can create tension, restricted movements, or sometimes too much range of motion. In order to move beyond the cycle of stubborn aches and pains, we need to free the body up to movement again. Enter corrective exercise - a gentle, pain free way to guide the body back to how it really wants to move. Because we don’t force anything to change, we gently coax and allow the body to choose to let go of tension. Reset your body and train it in a way that feels great to be in your own skin.

move. Rather than fixing a problem outright, the Reset is better viewed as creating a window of opportunity for the body to learn how to move like a pro. By shaking the dust off of the connections between your brain and your muscles, we can upload a new software system for your body - one without the old dysfunctions.

ONWARDS. Each session will include homework. These sessions are intended to put you back into your lifestyle with a new understanding of how to scale your movement unique to your body. 1-3 sessions is the optimal amount of time to create new habits for a sustainable experience in your body.


When asked what the point was of opening a studio the answer was simple. Friends. Movement. Education. If those three things happen, a place to just be will exist and Aaron will be happy.  Discovering new body awareness and personal development mixed with cool people is the dream. Soccer, hiking and spending time with family are passions but his true desire lies in complimentary towels, Dad jokes and teaching people how to get optimal body and mind results without going full throttle all the time.   Movement is a lifestyle and Aaron aspires to embody this - day in and day out.  

Where you’ll find him:  Coaching classes, personal training sessions, leading our Bell Sound Course, hiking group etc.   All things studio.

Conversation Starter:  Ask him where he thinks belly button lint comes from.


“Aaron is super thoughtful and often checked in between sessions to make sure I was doing okay. He also helped me build a workout schedule outside of our sessions that allowed me to meet my fitness goals without aggravating my pain. My experience in my body after the session was/has been that I feel like all the different parts of my body are more connected and move together so well. With Aaron’s guidance and a little help from an osteopath he referred me to, I am now 100% pain free for the first time in years and I feel stronger than I did before my injuries. I don’t think I even felt this good in my 20s.”