Jen Walker. She likes to walk, fast, in the mountains, also known as hiking. Ask Jen why she does what she does - her answers come from all the fun years of discovering just how the science of feeling good in her body is a dynamic, complex, exciting and fun project to work on. Whether it’s in studio and strength training, outside hiking to mountain peaks or chatting about holistic nutrition Jen is your girl at the studio to be all the things.  

Where you’ll see her:  Leading strength classes, personal training and the hiking group at Movement108.
Conversation starter:  Sauerkraut and Golf.  Ask her what they have in common.


'Thanks to Jen, I've never felt stronger - physically and mentally.  She tailored my training plan to meet my goals and helped keep me focused and accountable throughout a very busy time in my life. Without question, I could not have crossed that finish line with a smile on my face without Jen's support.' – Jeannine Tully


'I have been working with Jen on a one on one basis for just over eight months and I have been attending her classes at Movement for the past year and a half. My fitness has increased considerably and I have seen improvements in my ability to lift progressively heavier weights. This has translated to more energy and stamina in my day to day life. Jen is always punctual and accommodates for my busy schedule. She is always ready for our session with a specific program and ensures my form and technique is correct. Jen makes it fun to train and is always very encouraging and motivating.'  – Manreet Gill