We like the outdoors.  We like hiking.  We have some thoughts on where and how to do that.  Sign up for our hiking mail list - we’ll tell you what you need, where to be… basically all the things.  Don’t be surprised if lattes are included at the end.  As many people as nature allows.



SUNDAY, APRIL 30th:  Sea to Summit - DAY HIKE (12 spots)

SUNDAY, MAY 28th: Eagle Bluffs - all proceeds from this hike will be donated to Workout to Conquer Cancer

SUNDAY, JUNE 11th: Bowen Island, Mount Gardner hike followed by a yoga class on the island

SUNDAY, JULY 16th: Joffre Lakes (15 spots)

SUNDAY, AUGUST 20th: Deek's Lake/Peak (15 spots)

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th - SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th: Overnight to Brew Lake/Brew Hut (20 spots)

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th: Panorama Ridge (15 spots)