Hannah / Trainer

This little Brit showed up on our doorstep one day all bright eyed and (bushytailed) ready for the city. She was attracted to our movement style, hike life, and community vibes. So naturally, we went for breakfast, found out she was pretty neat, too and spent some time coaching her in the 108 way to come onto our studio team. Hannah is a dancer, a mover and a... shaker (had to)... who you'll get to know right away because she loves a good convo and coaching different movement flows.

Where you’ll find her:  Coaching classes, personal training sessions, choreographing wedding dances in her spare time,… all the things.
Conversation Starter:  Ask her about halloumi and how to get bendy.


‘Hannah has a way of making an hour fly by! She is high-energy, knowledgeable and lots of fun to train with. She puts together really personalized sessions and didn’t skip a beat when we had to adjust to prenatal exercises. I leave feeling great, but I am definitely sore (in the right places) the next day!’ - Mikhyla, Vancouver