we've developed a schedule with your best interest at heart.  

  • 1 part movement

  • 1 part strength  

  • 1 part endurance

  • 1 part recovery

These are your options:

Please Note: Classes listed with an *A on our schedule are Advanced Classes. These classes are the same structure as our typical classes but will focus less on 'how' and more telling 'what' to do. A bit more time moving while still getting the 108 flow you're used to. We recommend that you attend a minimum of 10 M108 classes prior to attending an advanced class. You should be comfortable with swinging a kettlebell and can lunge, squat, press with ease. 


Learn to load these things up in different movement patterns to leave your body mobile, strong and balanced.  This class focuses on heavier weights with fewer repetitions. Some people are intimidated when they think of an Eastern European body-builder lifting a massive iron bell.  Don’t fret, our European branch hasn’t opened yet. We focus on form and lifting in an approachable way for all people. Get strong without the back pain.


We say metabolic because this class is a guarantee to push your aerobic capacity and increase your muscular endurance.  A variety class bursting full of mountain climbers, swings, battle ropes and explosive movements.   This class is meant to push you an extra rep, or two, or three - take your heart rate to the next level and yes, you can expect a burpee or two.


TRX, Body weight, Kettlebells… it’s time to put all our strength training tools onto the floor.  This class is similar to our Movement Kettlebell class in structure.  Our goal is to warm up your nervous system, throw in a few correctives to get you moving well, and then add some load to get you strong. Focus will be on lighter weights with higher reps. This class will benefit you whether you are a beginner or advanced - come one, come all!


This class covers everything so there are no regrets.  2 instructors will be on board to facilitate your experience - thirty minutes of higher intensity, explosive movement followed by thirty minutes of lower rep, heavy lifting.  We may make you talk to your workout buddies, so be prepared to make friends.  Leave this class with all your bases covered.


The class that ties it all together. We'll play, jump, slam things, and get fast. Think: Mobility, Stability, Strength and POWER! This is the perfect class for taking your training to the next level. Whether you're training for life or a specific athletic event. We'll target your fast twitch muscles to create more explosive power to increase strength and speed. Expect a dynamic and fun warmup to address mobility and stability before we jump around.


A class designed for those already comfortable with a kettlebell swing. These workouts combine a variety of kettlebell movements into a continuous flow, designed to boost the heart rate and sweat factor!

*This class is not suitable for beginners.



Calisthenics aka bodyweight strength training is about gaining mastery in the way that you move your body. Each class we’ll explore a wide variety of fundamental movement patterns using just your body and good ol’ gravity as your training tools. As we build toward skills like pull ups, muscle ups and handstands, you’ll be ready to go show off at the Kits Beach pull up bar in no time.


RECOVERY:The best way to describe this class is 'active napping' with a l'il stretching on the side. We'll spend time opening up tight muscles, lengthening the breath to relax and release stress, and encourage recovery of the body as a whole. This class uses gentle yoga flows to melt away tension in a yin-like environment, myofascial release with rollers and massage balls, and meditation practices to calm and focus the mind. Think of a class full of all the things you know you should do but never make time for. That's where we come in. We made time for all the things!