chany / TRAINER

Ever seen Forrest Gump?  Chany is like Forrest, only she covers less distance, never had leg braces, is female, and doesn’t have a passion for Shrimp.  That being said - she can run - and really well.   She has found lessons in health come from a combination of both mind and body work.   Her passion is in discovering consistencies in lifestyle practices that create healthy, happy and confident selves.   Chany hits the outdoors for camping, running, hiking and cliff jumping and will inform you on everything she knows about best nutrition, running,  strength and stability practices.

Where you’ll find her:  Running Crew. Drills and strength specific activities for runners.  Strength coaching sessions and personal training.
Conversation starter:  Her olfactory system is incredible.   Ask her what that means.


'I first met Chantelle two years ago when I was training for the Chicago marathon. Chantelle's background in running makes her the perfect trainer for any runner looking to achieve their personal best. As an elite athlete, Chantelle brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every training session. She understands what needs to be worked on in the studio in order to build strength and speed when running. I have learned many new mobility exercises that have helped me avoid injury while training for races. In studio training sessions are always personalized and reflective of how things are going that day and what needs improvement. I would highly recommend Chantelle as both a personal trainer in studio and as a running coach at the Tuesday night Skills and Drills run clinic!' –Karen Wighton


'I can not recommend highly enough Chantelle Groenewoud as a personal trainer and coach. I have been working with Chantelle for almost two years, several times a week. Chantelle has worked with me both through my training for a marathon and, more recently, while dealing with significant back pain and associated issues. Training with Chantelle is truly personalized. She goes above and beyond to cater each and every session specially to my physical and emotional wellbeing. Chantelle knows when to push for more and when to slow down and focus on form and mobility. Each session at the gym is challenging yet achievable within the context of my fitness level at the time. I always leave feeling motivated and ready to tackle the rest of the day.  All of this takes place in a fun, relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere that is Movement 108.' –Kate Wighton