kettlebell Lifts in all major patterns

This course is catered to those looking to HArness a proven strength Training Methodology, improve movement quality In all major patterns, learn to use a kettlebell, build strength, and incorporate KettleBell movement and Strength work into a Sustainable exercise lifestyle.

A Canfitpro and Ace Recognized certification

CanfitPRO: 4 CECs ACE: 1.4 CECS

Bell Sound

To build true, balanced, foundational strength in your body, we believe the kettlebell is the simplest and most direct way to achieving those goals. This course progresses movement from the ground up and integrates years worth of kettlebell training, multiple kettlebell instructional styles, specific lifting techniques and instructional philosophy based in foundational strength principles. Learning to experience the how and why enables intrinsic awareness and a power to instruct others in Sound Kettlebell training.

You will experience the best ways to sustainably practice the art of the kettlebell and walk away with a skill set that will be yours to have for as long as you choose to use it!

course outline

day two…

The Arm Bar
The turkish getup
overhead press
horizontal pulling
overhead pulling
the clean
the snatch
creating balanced workout flows
q/a and practical application

day one…

Welcome and Movement Philosophy
Floor Fundamentals: Mobility, Stability, then Strength
Hip Mobilizers and Stabilizers
KB Grips and Grip styles
The Deadlift
The Squat
The Lunge
Thoracic Mobilizing/Stabilizing
Horizontal Pushing

June 1st-2nd 2019

$499 CDN

movement108, Vancouver bc


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bell sound instructors

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Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1 Certification   StrongFirst KB Lv 1. Certification FMS level 1 & 2
Fascial Stretch Therapist SFMA Level 1 Certified
CanfitPro PT Certification
Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapists TRX Instructor Certified
Bachelor of Physical Education    

Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1 Certification StrongFirst KB Level 1 Certification  
SFL Barbell Certified
CanfitPro PT Certification
5 Years Pilates Instruction  
TRX Instructor Certified             
FMS level 1

Fundamental understanding and demonstration of core kettlebell competencies.

Functional Core stability.

spine and hip positioning within each loaded movement.

Understand intelligent movement pattern sequencing.

instructional Kettlebell competencies in all major kettlebell lifts.

course Expectations and outcomes