Becky moves around and moves around well. From dance, to yoga, to mentoring functional movement workshops to earning her name as ‘smiling cobra” (unknown what this means) all the way to strength. Kettlebells and TRX are just some of the things she’s cool with. She is passionate about corrective techniques and teaching people that strength starts with alignment. Get ready to learn a thing or two and feeling tight when you leave - you’ll be asking yourself how her class left you feeling your body in ways it hasn’t in awhile.  

Where you’ll see her:  KB Strength Sessions at Movement 108.  She might sprinkle in some Personal training and larger group conditioning classes too.
Conversation starter:  Hey Becky, where do you get your hair done?


'I've been training with Becky for almost three years now. When we first started training I was three months into my pregnancy and Becky took all the precautions necessary to ensure my safety during our work out. I feel the training sessions enabled me to prepare for a successful home birth delivery. Coming back to training was easy and something I was really looking forward to. Working out and moving today has become part of my life and a highlight of my day which is all thanks to Becky. She is knowable, caring, sweet, punctual and has become a dear friend. I recommend training with Becky to anyone interested and know they wouldn't be disappointed.' – Helen Rivero