AARON / Founder

When asked what the point was of opening a studio the answer was simple. Friends. Movement. Education. If those three things happen, a place to just be will exist and Aaron will be happy.  Discovering new body awareness and personal development mixed with cool people is the dream. Soccer, hiking and spending time with family are passions but his true desire lies in complimentary towels, Dad jokes and teaching people how to get optimal body and mind results without going full throttle all the time.   Movement is a lifestyle and Aaron aspires to embody this - day in and day out.  

Where you’ll find him:  Coaching classes, personal training sessions, leading our Bell Sound Kettlebell Course, hiking group etc.   All things studio.
Conversation Starter:  Ask him where he thinks belly button lint comes from.


'How you do anything is how you do everything.  Aaron gives excellence, and he expects no less.  That carries over from things like push ups, pull-ups, to how I ride my bike and how I approach challenges in life as opportunities.  There is no room for ‘I’ll never be able to” because to get good at hand-stands, you have to do hand-stands.' – Jenny Wesanko